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  • Intro to Bamboo Toilet Paper

    The first major point about bamboo toilet paper and tissue is that it’s one of the best solutions for green living. Eco-friendliness is why bamboo toilet tissue was invented – the world needed to think of a way for us to decrease deforestation and prevent global warming as it was becoming an increasing threat to our environment, toilet roll is produced in the masses and many forests are cut down because of this, thus the idea of using bamboo instead of trees came about. We all know how big of an issue deforestation is, with thousands of trees being chopped down every day, bamboo toilet tissue is the sustainable choice. This is by far the biggest reason why our customers have turned to our bamboo toilet paper and haven’t looked back since.

    But hang on, we know what you’re thinking – “What about the bamboo? Won’t it suffer the same fate as trees?” – don’t worry about bamboo, when our farmers take the massive stems, they don’t die and actually grow back even bigger. It’s the ideal material for toilet paper. There’s no risk of a bamboo shortage, it grows back a lot faster than trees – trees take 10+ years to grow whereas bamboo can take just one year to shoot up to its full potential. Bamboo is the overachiever of the plant world, and we think it’s ready to take trees place in producing toilet paper for us.

    When you destroy trees, you also destroy an animal’s home, as well as a human’s – many local people use forests to hunt and gather materials for their land. You don’t do this when farming bamboo. We can help preserve our wonderful rainforests by decreasing the sales of virgin toilet paper – according to Statisa, on average, one person uses around 127 toilet rolls per year in the UK – we need to stop flushing our precious trees down the toilet.

    However, you might also be wondering about the pandas that eat bamboo, you might be asking whether we’re taking away their food source when creating toilet paper – this is a big reason why people don’t want to switch to our sustainable toilet paper. You’ll be glad to hear that no pandas were hurt in the making of our toilet paper, the bamboo comes from managed farms far away from the panda’s natural environment. Bamboo doesn’t need to be pulled up and replaced like a tree, so our panda friend never misses a meal.

    You might be thinking that you’re going to have to compromise on something – this all sounds too good to be true! A lot of people don’t try bamboo toilet tissue because they think it’s going to be uncomfortable and not pleasant on sensitive areas, this isn’t true at all! Our toilet tissue is exceptionally soft, many of our customers have been surprised at just how soft it is.

  • Tiboo's Product Overview

    We offer a range of products that are bound to suit your requirements. We can send you either 60 or 80 of our bamboo toilet rolls on a one-time basis, our customers usually buy this when they’re interested in switching to a sustainable toilet paper but don’t want to commit to subscribing yet as they’ve never tried anything other than virgin toilet paper. However, if you subscribe to receive either 60 or 80 rolls every 2,3 or 4 months, you will be saving 10% on each order.

    Tiboo also offer a toilet tissue and kitchen rolls combi pack, each pack contains 40 bamboo toilet rolls and 10 kitchen rolls – you can buy this once or subscribe and save 10%.

    To purchase any of these products, please click on the one you want above and select your delivery period if you’re purchasing a subscription and then click add to basket.


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Tiboo® Pure Bamboo will produce 30% more oxygen than trees and is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. If you want the most sensational toilet tissue that's silky soft and great for your skin, or a kitchen towel that's as strong as an ox then step inside and join us.