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About us

Tiboo is an eco-friendly website specialising in zero waste products for everyday life

Tiboo are planting a fruit tree in partnership with Ripple Africa for every order you place.

In Malawi we are working with 50 community groups to grow thousands of fruit trees each year. This not only provides food but a source of income too.

The clubs grow mango, papaya, guava, avocado and citrus fruit trees. Maston, our Fruit Tree Project Manager, teaches the club members how to care for the seedlings, make natural fertiliser, identify pests, and how to protect the seedlings from livestock once planted out.


Community fruit tree nursery


Fruit tree planting at school


Club members planting fruit trees


Families love the fruit

Products that leave the world better off.
Products that avoid unnecessary plastic waste & packaging.
Every product sold supports projects like the fruit tree project in Malawi.

eco products that don't compromise on quality

Every day we witness the increasing effects of global warming. Deforestation is a massive contributor. With trees being harvested for such things as toilet paper, the knock-on effect is alarmingly clear.

Tiboo® is set to change that.

In our time, use of toilet paper around the world has increased significantly and it’s part of our society today. Tiboo® doesn’t use paper pulp from trees, we use pure bamboo instead which is one of the world’s fastest growing plants regrowing fully within two years. Bamboo toilet tissue is luxurious, anti-bacterial, naturally hypoallergenic and fantastic for your skin. So you can be eco-friendly without compromising on quality.

By using Tiboo® Pure Bamboo toilet paper and kitchen rolls, you are helping us preserve our rainforests for future generations to enjoy.

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Tiboo® Pure Bamboo will produce 30% more oxygen than trees and is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. If you want the most sensational toilet tissue that's silky soft and great for your skin, or a kitchen towel that's as strong as an ox then step inside and join us.