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A Beginner’s Guide to Dryer Balls

Want to cut down on single-use products in your home? Cue wool dryer balls…

Wool dryer balls are reusable by nature, offering an eco-friendly alternative to planet-killing fabric softeners and dryer sheets. They help to soften your clothes, reduce drying times and prevent wrinkling. In today’s blog, we take a deep dive into all things organic dryer balls - keep reading to discover more.

What’s a Dryer Ball and How Do They Work?

Dryer balls are tightly woven balls of wool, often used as an alternative to single-use dryer sheets. They are placed inside your dryer with your clothes, offering a whole host of garment, wallet and planet-friendly benefits.

As dryer balls tumble between your clothes, airflow is greatly increased which helps reduce drying time. The movement of the balls against fabric also eliminates clumping, irons out wrinkles, and softens your clothes. Throw one in your next laundry load and watch your creases simply disappear.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Dryer Balls

Decreases Drying Time

Did you know that dryer balls can actually cut drying time in half? As the balls tumble around inside your dryer, they create space between your clothes. This allows warm air to flow between them and dries your garments much quicker. Wool is also an extremely absorbent fabric, soaking up any excess moisture from your clothing and speeding up the drying process.

Kind to the Environment

Dryer balls are environmentally friendly by design. Unlike harmful dryer sheets that must be discarded after just one use, wool dryer balls can be used up to a whopping 1000 times. Once they do need replacing, they are biodegradable and compostable, meaning they will not end up in landfill. Because your laundry dries quicker with the aid of dryer balls, your tumble dryer will naturally use less energy, helping to preserve our planet for future generations.

Irons Out Wrinkles

When clothing clumps together, this can cause creases which need to be ironed out at a later date. As mentioned above, dryer balls help separate your items by increasing the circulation of warm air. Less friction is caused between clothing which results in reduced static. Wrinkles won’t settle into fabrics as easily, so there’s no need to get the ironing board out after your load has finished.

Cuts Costs

As organic dryer balls can be used time and time again, this eliminates the need to constantly replenish single-use dryer sheets. They don’t contain any harmful chemicals that damage fabrics over time, plus your clothes aren’t exposed to unnecessary high temperatures for long periods, which helps to sustain your wardrobe for years to come. Think of it like hair straighteners. We all know that too much heat can frazzle your hair – it’s the same with clothes.

Softens Clothes

Dryer balls soften fabric through physical rather than chemical means, offering a sustainable alternative to harmful fabric softeners. They don’t contain any of the hidden nasties that fabric softeners do, meaning they are much gentler on your clothing. Also, as the balls tumble around, they help to fluff out and soften each item. This makes your clothes more comfortable to wear and maximises their lifespan.

Take a Tumble with Tiboo’s Dryer Balls

Cut down costs and creases, whilst being kind to the planet and your wallet, with Tiboo’s range of sustainable dryer balls. Our natural wool dryer balls are handmade from 100% New Zealand wool and are guaranteed to reduce drying time by 30% as a minimum. They are kind to the skin, naturally hypoallergenic and chemical free.

Join the Tiboo tribe and try out our dryer balls today.


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