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Bamboo Garden Ideas

With a pre-existing fascination with bamboo, you may find yourself invested in its culture, history, and aesthetic. Naturally, this may display in your everyday life with a set of bamboo blinds in the living room, ornaments made of bamboo in the hallway, or maybe some of our bamboo toilet tissue in your bathroom! If you have the privilege of owning a garden, you may want to start placing some bamboo there too.

Bamboo can be very beneficial to any garden due to its versatility in strength, appearance, and privacy potential. In this Tiboo Bamboo blog, we are going to touch on a few different ways you can add bamboo to your outdoor space giving it a whole new feel. It is important to state before we begin that there are two different types of ways bamboo can grow; they are either a runner or a clumper. Runners are types of bamboo that grow underneath the surface and spread around, usually quite the distance from the mother plant. Clumpers do the opposite and grow in clumps that are close to their mother plant. It is important if you want to grow them that you do know what type you are dealing with and how to handle them as we would presume you want no surprises in your own garden, or worse yet, a neighbours!

Privacy hedge

When in our gardens, a lot of us like the feeling of being in our own space, segregated from those around us, to enjoy peace and quiet without external influence, and bamboo has the potential to serve as the perfect barrier of privacy between you and your neighbours! The best way to do this is by installing Bambusa Textilis Gracilis, which is the most popular breed of bamboo for privacy hedging, as its leaves grow thick. Placing these bamboo plants around the circumference of your garden will ensure a great level of privacy on your property.

Small fencing

Some gardens have a natural contouring, defining the pathway from something such as a grassy area. People often use this meeting point for the different contents of the garden as somewhere to plant flowers – why not try something different and install some bamboo?! Having small shoots of slightly differing heights going up and down as a mini fence to compliment the contours of your garden can add a little dash of personality! We recommend using a pre-cut, thick type of bamboo as regular maintenance of ever-growing bamboo could become tedious very quickly.

Outdoor Furniture

External furnishings can be a striking way of bringing an eye-catching aspect to your garden, why not make these furnishings bamboo? With varying potentials such as bamboo chairs and benches, bamboo tables, and bamboo-woven umbrellas to go atop the tables, there are lots of different avenues to go down. For this part, unless you are an experienced bamboo carpenter, we would suggest sourcing these items from somewhere where a bamboo expert identifies what type of bamboo is best for their creations!

Over time your bamboo (especially the furniture) may get somewhat disheveled due to regular use, so to keep your garden’s fresh bamboo clean, how about using a bamboo-safe cleaner and some of our bamboo kitchen roll? You can find this on our online store, where we also sell bamboo toilet roll and bamboo facial tissue. If you have any queries regarding our products, feel free to call us on 01392 908546!


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